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S01E13 Pentagon 9/11 Plane Crash: American Airlines Flight 77

Tuesday, September 11, 2001, a temperate and nearly cloudless morning over the eastern United States. Millions of men and women ready themselves for work. Among them is an air traffic controller in Boston, Mass. Based on sheer intuition, he will break all protocol this morning, alerting the Air Force that a potential disaster is unfolding […]

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S01E12 Collision on the Runway: Tenerife airport disaster

On March 27, 1977, on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, two 747 jumbo jets collided on a fog-shrouded runway, killing 583 people in what is still the deadliest crash in aviation history. Because the actions of both the flight crews of the two aircraft and Los Rodeos Airport’s air traffic controllers directly […]

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S01E11 Flood at Stava Dam: Collapse of Stava Dam

In a beautiful valley in the Italian mountains a threat looms. High above the villages a reservoir of wastewater is slowly filling to bursting point. On 19th July 1985 at 22 minutes past mid-day the dam breaks. A colossal landslide surges down the valley at 56mph heading for the village of Tesero. The muddy mass […]

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S02E13 Puerto Rico Gas Explosion: Humberto Vidal Explosion

A commercial building explodes due to a natural gas leak. Investigations revealed that an inactive gas line leaked though a corrosion hole caused by excavation damage. Why wasn’t it detected earlier? For days, a foul smell hangs around in the Humberto Vidal shoe store in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The smell is caused by leaking propane gas coming […]

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S02E12 Hindenburg Airship: Hindenburg disaster

The zeppelin LZ-129 Hindenburg approaches the Lakehurst Naval Air Station for landing. Thunderstorms have added static electricity to the zeppelin’s skin. It makes two sharp turns as it approaches the air field, something that the Hindenburg was not designed to do. A cable in one of the hydrogen cells snap and whiplashes the cell. When the landing ropes touch the ground, […]

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S02E11 Paris Train Crash: Gare de Lyon rail accident

June 1988, a frantic driver calls Gare de Lyon, his train is out of control, heading downhill towards one of Paris’ biggest stations. Why did the brakes fail? And why wasn’t the train diverted away from the crowd? A commuter train bound for Paris is forced to stop at Melun when a woman pulls the emergency brake. The […]

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S03E19 When the Volcano Blew: Eruption on Montserrat

The Caribbean island of Montserrat. 18 July, 1995. After lying dormant for 350 years, the Soufrière Hills volcano suddenly belches hot ash into the air. Scientists rush to monitor this activity but are unable to predict the extraordinary chain of events over the next 24 months that finally lead to tragedy. On 25 June 1997, […]

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S03E18 Space Shuttle Explosion: Space Shuttle Challenger disaster

Space Shuttle Challenger blasts off from Cape Canaveral to start the STS-51-L mission. Freezing weather leads to the O-rings in one of the field joints in a solid rocket booster to leak hot gases that impinge on its mount on the external tank. However, pieces of aluminum from the solid rocket fuel build up and seals the joint. 58 seconds […]

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S03E17 Tornado Outbreak: The Super Outbreak

The most violent outbreak of tornadoes in history, the Super Outbreak, releases 149 tornadoes in 13 American states and one province in Canada. Thousands of homes are destroyed and over 350 people die. 5,000 people are left homeless or injured, or both. Long before Hurricane Katrina, a total of 148 separate tornadoes ripped through the South […]

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S04E06 Bhopal Nightmare: Bhopal Disaster

On December 2, 1984 in Bhopal, India, a toxic gas leak at a Union Carbide chemical plant results in the deaths of 3,000 people. In one evening, thousands of residents of Bhopal, India, choke to death on toxic gas. Uncover the astonishing chain of events that led to one of the biggest man-made disasters of all time. The Bhopal disaster, […]

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S04E05 Cable Car Collision: Cavalese cable car disaster (1998)

On February 3, 1998 a low-flying Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowler of the United States Marine Corps hits the support cable of an aerial tramway near the Italian town of Cavalese, severing it. The cabin on the cable falls to the ground, killing the occupants. The aircraft lands safely. A US Marines jet slices through the cable of a ski gondola, killing all […]

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S04E04 Death in Mid-Air: Überlingen mid-air collision

On July 1, 2002 a Bashkirian Airlines airliner and a DHL freight aircraft collide while they are over Überlingen in Germany and crash, killing all 71 people on board. When a flight from Moscow to Barcelona carrying 45 school children collides with a cargo plane, sending all on board to a horrifying death, the investigation reveals a perfect storm of […]

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Season 5 - More Episodes

S05E06 Massacre in Mumbai: 2008 Mumbai Attacks

On November 26, 2008, terrorists attack two luxury hotels (one of them the famous Taj Mahal Hotel), a Jewish educational center, a café and a train station in Mumbai, killing 166 people. Terrifying failings give terrorists free reign of India’s largest city, killing at will in front of the world’s cameras, leaving 166 dead and Mumbai officials and […]

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S05E05 Deepwater Horizon: Deepwater Horizon Explosion

A series of decisions and mistakes lead to the deaths of 11 oil rig workers and the world’s largest oil spill disaster. Hours after passing a safety test, an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico starts shooting flammable gas and crude oil, killing 11 workers. What decisions and failings led to the world’s biggest oil spill? […]

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S05E04 Waco Cult: Waco Siege

After a 51-day siege at the ranch of an armed religious cult, the Federal Bureau of Investigation tries to end the standoff with tear gas, but a fire breaks out and almost 80 people die. After a 51 day stand-off with religious cult the Branch Davidians, the FBI launch an assault and the resulting violence kills nearly 80 […]

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Season 6 - More Episodes

S06E10 Chinook Helicopter Crash: 1994 Scotland RAF Chinook Crash

On June 2, 1994 a Royal Air Force Boeing Chinook helicopter crashes on the Mull of Kintyre, on the west coast of Scotland. The initial investigation cites pilot error as the cause, but several more investigations take place over the next 17 years before this verdict is overturned. The investigation into a RAF Chinook helicopter crash in Northern Ireland quickly […]

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S06E09 Sinking The Coventry: Sinking of the HMS Coventry

On May 25, 1982, during the Falklands War between the United Kingdom and Argentina, a low level bomb attack from Argentinian jets capsizes the HMS Coventry within 20 minutes. In the midst of the Falklands War, a low level bomb attack from Argentinian jets capsizes the HMS Coventry within 20 minutes – why did the ship fall so quickly? HMS Coventry was a Type […]

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S06E08 Nagasaki – The Forgotten Bomb: Atomic Bombing of Nagasaki

On August 9, 1945 during the final stages of World War II, the United States of America uses a nuclear weapon in combat for the second time, against the Japanese city of Nagasaki. The use of the atomic bombs in World War II still excites controversy, particularly the necessity for the second bomb on Nagasaki. Could the war […]

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Other episodes

S06E07 Runaway Train: Amagasaki Rail Crash

On April 25, 2005, a seven-car commuter train derails and crashes just before Amagasaki Station in Japan, causing 107 deaths and 562 injuries. A commuter train is leaving one of Paris’s busiest train stations when a runaway train slams into it, killing 56 people in France’s worst train crash. The Amagasaki rail crash (JR Fukuchiyama-sen dassen jiko, lit. “JR Fukuchiyama Line derailment”) was […]

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S06E06 Terrified Over Tokyo: Japan Airlines Flight 123

On August 12, 1985, the rear pressure bulkhead of a Boeing 747 bursts, destroying the vertical stabilizer and severing all four of the aircraft’s vital hydraulic systems. The crew keep the aircraft flying for 32 minutes until it clips Mt Osutaka and crashes, killing all but four people out of the 524 passengers and crew on board. When a Boeing 747 crashes […]

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S06E05 Into The Death Zone: 1996 Mount Everest Disaster

On May 10–11, 1996 nine climbers die on Mount Everest, including New Zealand climbing veteran Rob Hall. Just one day on Mount Everest saw the death of nine climbers, including New Zealand climbing veteran Rob Hall. Was it a fierce storm, extreme ambition or something else that caused their demise? The 1996 Mount Everest disaster refers to the events […]

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